School Principal Message

Dr. Darshan Lal Meena

Kendriya Vidyalaya Karera stands for ‘value and quality educations’. Here in K.V. Karera the focus is laid upon the holistic approach, which leads to the development of integrated human being by bringing forth the full potential of the child.

Our Endeavour is towards creating an atmosphere where each one would get an opportunity to explore his inherent talent, come up with the new ideas and experiment to the high degree fo excellence, set a new milestone for oneself. You know without experiment nothing new can be discovered. If Thomas Edison had ceased his experiments, he would never have inverted the electric bulb. So, it is by trying hands at new things and by trying to create something new that one moves towards his goals.

I always advocate the 3D formula for my students i.e. destination, determination & diligence, if one adopts these 3Ds in his life, nothing is impossible for him to achieve.

“The future is not some place we are going. But the one we create. The path to success in not found, but made..../”

With warm regards and best wishes.

Dr. Darshan Lal Meena,